How To Conquer the Nature Of Sin: Pst Chriswealth.

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Theme: Godliness is profitable unto all things.

Topic: 1 Timothy 4:8.

The appearance of God at this year’s Shiloh shall be a mighty one, but it calls for cleanliness in the life of all participants.

You don’t appear before him with dirty hands, so there’s a clarion call for godly living in this season and beyond.

We are in a season where sin is in a look out for victims, evil practices are normalized gradually.

So, we need to understand that the battle against sin is a fierce one that calls for conscious resistance, because every sin is overcomeable.

Nature of Sin:

In this context,we shall be considering the following natures of Sin:

A) The Sin Of Sexual Immortality.
Hosea 3:4-5.
This is a nature that Devil has injected into the world to destroy lives and destinies considering it’s gross consequences. 1 Corinthians 6:18.

Its effect transcends beyond the present generation per time.
In other words,when you commit sexual sin,your body (Mind), which is the seat of wisdom is destroyed, your mental capacity becomes limited, it limits your ability to function in God’s productive realm. No wonder many have ended as mediocre minds.

Songs of Solomon 4:12 It drops anointing,faith and productivity level.

Nahum 3:3-4. 1 Thessalonians 4:6.

B) The Spirit of Pride.

1 Chronicles 21:3.
Pride connotes an over estimation of self, which to taking correction with reaction.

Exodus 28:12-15.
It takes humility to be great and to be instructed. Because you won’t announce yourself, it’s men that God will use to announce you.

Where you desire to be tomorrow is someone’s testimony already,so humble yourself.

How to conquer Sin and Temptation..

1) Engage the Spirit of Love to conquer the spirit of Sin.
You can be a genuine lover of God and find pleasure in the things that he detests.
Prove today that you love God by abstaining from sin.
2 Timothy 1:6-7. Romans 5:17. 1 John 2:16-17.

2) Consciously stay away from habits that encourage Sin .

It might be talks,jokes, lifestyles and the likes.
– Mind the kind of friends you keep.
– Delete some phone of unfriendly friends that lure you to sin.
– Mind what you watch in your mobile devices.
– Avoid ungodly jokes.
– Mind the kind of books that you read.
Romans 13:14

3) Engage the blood and the name of Jesus in fighting this battle.

Benefits of Godly living…

1) Isaiah 32:17 It helps you to enjoy peace and quietness.
You can never have peace as a sinner.

2) Godliness guarantees divine revelation and sound mind.

Maintain peace with God today and enjoy supernatural turnaround.


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