Professional nutritionist reveals how she lost weight naturally.

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No Fad Diet, No Slim Tea, No Magic Pills – Nutritionist Speaks On How She Lost Weight By Changing Her Lifestyle

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The journey to losing weight is not an easy one but it is always worth it at the end if done right.
A certified nutritionist, @obaayaa_89fit, who used to be a plus-size shared on her Instagram page ways to lose weight for a long term effect.
According to her, the solutions to losing weight doesn’t come from the pills, tea or creams used but in oneself.
She said,

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I worked really hard to completely change my lifestyle and I’m extremely proud of that. There was no magic pill or fad diet involved. No surgery . Honestly, the hardest part for me was accepting and loving myself regardless of how much fat my body was carrying. Once I realized that, the eating less and moving more thing didn’t seem as hard as it once did. My advice to you all trying to lose weight , If you want to reach a personal weight-loss goal, it is POSSIBLE , but you aren’t going to find the solution in a bottles, cream or magic Tea. You need to look inward be honest with yourself, and set realistic goals. Your change has to come from self-love, not hate. It takes patience, commitment, consistency and good decisions about what you put into your body, and movement. Be inspired by the folks who have done the real work in real time. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Stop doing things just in the name of short-term weight loss. If you are, I’m going to bet you aren’t enjoying them and you won’t want to do that for the rest of your life.

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