Achieving An Orgasm Naturally: For Women.

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Achieving An Orgasm Naturally: For Women.

Many women have difficulty reaching orgasm and some do not become orgasmic later in life. The reasons are quite numerous. However it is often the result of being unable to relax,feelings of guilt about sex or simply lack a lack of sufficient foreplay and arousals by their partner.
Other reasons are related to stress,depression, the feeling of rejection or being unwanted, marital or relationship problems, life crisis, financial difficulties, being too busy with lots of commitments, religious repression, or some form of mental illness.

Needless to add that premature ejaculation in men as well as lack of care and love for their spouses are also reasons many women do not reach orgasm. Some men use their partners as sleeping pills. Such men,after reaching orgasm would doze off and do not bother about their partner’s satisfaction,leaving the woman halfway.

Orgasm – at the peak of arousals, the muscles surrounding the vagina contract rhythmically causing a pleasurable sensation. This is often referred to as the sexual climax.

You want to rev up your sex life? Take these natural herbs to spice it up.

Damiana: is a herb reported to be an aphrodisiac, stimulant, mood enhancer and a tonic. It has been traditionally used by women to enhance orgasm.

Damiana is sold as supplements in most leading health stores.

Maca: enhances libido,increases energy and the sensation in the clitorial area.
Maca,most commonly available in powder form is now been popularized as food supplements and ingredients.

Fenugreek: has an estrogenic effect, increases libido and minimizes vaginal dryness. The seeds are found in grocery stores. Slightly crush the seeds and soak overnight or decoct for 45 minutes. Then strain and sweeten with honey.Take 1/4 tumbler 2× daily.

You can purchase fenugreek powder or supplements at your local health store.

Your sensitive side:
Many women can achieve orgasm when they touch themselves, but having difficulty reaching a climax during penetrative intercourse. In fact,this is so common that it is almost regarded as normal. Most women require direct clitoral stimulation plus an emotional input to reach a climax.

A unique study into human copulation,which used ultra sound probes to record what was happening in the female body, found that sexual penetration from behind or the side (rather than on top) was most likely to help a woman achieve orgasm. It will help if you find your sensitive side.

Living a healthy lifestyle:
In addition to the herbal remedies listed above,it is very important that you also maintain total health of your spirit, soul and body to ensure a healthy sex life.

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