4 Highly Addictive Foods You Must Avoid..

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We usually think of junk food as being bad for us because it’s high in calories and low in nutrients- but that’s not the only reason you should avoid highly processed snack foods and fast foods.

Many of these foods are also purposefully manufactured to be highly addictive..

In fact,fast foods and snacks food companies put a lot of time and money into determining what combinations of salt,unhealthy fats,and sugar can make people reach the so called “bliss point” that keeps people in a constant state of craving..

These are four of the worst offenders..
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1) Soda..

It’s true that most sodas contain caffeine and sugar both highly addictive ingredients.
However, the reason people drink soda daily is not only the sugar and caffeine content. Soda manufacturers test thousands of different flavor combinations before releasing a new flavor, ranking obscure tasty factors like ‘gumminess’ and dryness.

These flavors are either artificial,chemically based compounds or natural flavors, which could be highly processed derivatives of virtually anything…

2) Fast foods in general..

We all have walked or driven by a fast food joint/restaurant and experienced the familiar,tempting scents of salty,sugary,fatty,highly processed foods. Whether it’s cravings for chicken nuggets, a cheeseburger and French fries,or a milkshake, the biggest addiction is to fast food..

You wouldn’t think that too many disgusting chemicals would need to be added to it,since salty,sugary, fatty fried foods usually taste pretty good on their own,but apparently they just couldn’t help themselves, as most fast food items contains a ton of additives chemicals and preservatives..

3) Bacon and other cured meats…

Just about every meat eater loves the taste of bacon and sausage,but when you buy over processed and cured meats, that’s literally what you get “meat flavor”.

And what ingredients are added to hot dogs,bacon sausage, pastrami,and ham for either preservation, taste enhancement, color, and that saliva inducing taste that everyone loves??

Stick to real,unprocessed organic grass-fed meats and cook them yourself at home..

4) Salty snacks..

Cheetos,pretzels, potato-chips all of these are designed with hopes that you will consume the whole box.
These foods look attractive, particularly that roasted light brown or yellow look they have..

All these foods are both highly addictive and highly unhealthy.

Remember that when we choose what to eat,foods high in calories and sugar are not the only ones that we must say no to: we also must say no to addictives and ingredients that keep the non-stop cycle of craving and addiction rolling…

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