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500 love quotes
1)The fields are evergreen, just as my love for you is ever fresh.
2) I just smiled as I remembered a special one is there for me.
3) You are my lasting happiness… the one I cherish for life.
4) Nothing can stop the flow of an ocean, so nothing can separate us.
5) I wish the gentle sea can carry us as we sail smoothly to the island of love.

6) The last time I remembered, I have never stopped thinking about you.
7) Oh my darling, you make my heart melt always.
8) There is a garden that only be occupied by you, that is my heart.
9) If everything fails, our love will Still see the light of the day.
10) There is one thing that am passionate about doing: thinking about you.
11) You made me believe that am never alone.
12) Your heart is the most beautiful place to be.
13) I won’t hurt you because I can’t hurt myself.
14) My Angel, you are a beautiful countenance to behold.
15) My best perfume is the fragrance of your love for me.
16) I made it as a choice to always love you.
17) The love of my dream, you are all that my heart can see.
18) I care about you, but I desire more of our love.
19) My mountain dew, I will let you go.
20) We are meant for each other, as the love is ever romantic.
21) As the meant for the sky, my heart is for yours”
22) If all if life’s need is love, am forever satisfied with you.
23) Am super rich, if your love is measured in dollars.
24) Though you are far away, you are always in my heart.
25) Am always with you, so far as your heart still beats.
26) You are never alone, am there with you and here for you.
27) My eyes are jealous, because my heart is always seeing you.
28) There’s one rule I must keep, to always love you.
29) I feel at my best and truly happy to be with you.

30) Without a doubt, you are the one for me.
31) Your joy and well-being is my primary importance.
32) Your love has occupied the center place of my thoughts.
33) Where else can love be found, if not in your heart.
34) What gladdens my heart the most, is the feeling that you are always there.
35) Come and take me home, I can’t live without you.
36) Your love is the only language my heart understands.
37) I call you my best, because you are the best if all.
38) Our being together, is the best event ever.
39) The impact of your presence is beyond my expectation, I feel good.
40) I can’t live without your love, you make my heart refreshed always.
41) You are my heartthrob, the angel of my dream.
42) The reality of distance, can’t stop our love.
43) What an unending affection, my love for you.
44) Come and talk to me, my silent heart yearns for you.
45) The beauty of nature is nature, the beauty of my life is your love.
46) Your love is my heart’s natural habitat.
47) It is abnormal for an eagle no to fly, I am abnormal without you.
48) To be insane is to think of hurting you.
49) Can we go on a nuptial flight, where our heart can commune with nature.
50) As woke up from my sleep smiling, you made it so.
51) This is good for us, all we need to be happy is our love for each other.
52) We are not perfect, but we have learnt to enjoy our differences.
53) Our relationship is so valuable, because we are committed to it.
54) My sunshine, if you choose to leave, I will choose to come with you.
55) We are two perfect forgivers, my real Angel.
56) Day after day, I keep falling in love with you.
57) Communication is our secret, love is the key.
58) Your love doesn’t only satisfy my emotions, it takes the whole of my being.
59) Your tears are too expensive, I can’t afford to see it drop.
60) My heart, you are love personified.
61) You are so adorable and charming, my pretty princess.
62) I can’t love you enough, you are as caring as the mother hen.
63)What have I done to deserve a person like you, you are the best.
64)To be honest, I can’t imagine a life without you.
65) I enjoy every beat of my moment with you, you are my delight.
66) My heart used to be lonely and alone till I met you.
67) Who could have been my heartthrob if not you.
68) Your heart is tender and delicate, I must Carry it as one.
69) In difficult times, I draw my strength from your love.
70) So far as we are together, we will share our challenges in love.
71) I promise to make my all available for your pleasure.
72) Giving you heart to me, is the best gift I have ever received.
73) Your presence is the best definition of intimacy.
75) Our hearts are inseparable.
76) You are the best person that I can share my job with.
77) Nature has done its worst by keeping us apart, I need you now.
78) In the dawn of a new day, you are my first thought.
78) Emotional satisfaction is the least of the gifts I received from you.
79) I have a dream that someday, the whole world will be left for us alone.
80) I never knew I was incomplete, until I met you.
81) Come and hold my hands, lets soar to the island of love.
82) My relationship with you is the best of my life’s experience.
83) Nothing interest me like knowing that you love me.
84) The feelings that I can’t share with you, doesn’t exist
85) A minute without you, is a seed of emotional bankruptcy.
86) The moon radiates the sun rays, my heart radiates your love.
87) There’s no rain without the cloud, no me without you.
88) The more we are together, the more happy we are.
89) The butterflies are naturally beautiful, my heart is naturally okay with yours.
90) My heart is full of natural euphoria since I met you.
91) The fish is its best in water and my best in your arms.
92) My heart glows at the sound of your voice.
93) The peacock can’t hide its feathers for life, I can’t hide my feelings for you.
94) Your presence saved me from emotional impunity.
95) My love for you is an impeccable experience
96) My honey, have I told you how much I love you today
97) Our relationship is all sunshine, because we are committed to it.
98) We survive the storms of life together by sharing the umbrella of love.
99) Your romantic nature has placed a sweet stamp in my heart.
100) I will forever be with you, if you let me.
101) Love and equity of heart is our language.
102) How can I forget you, when you have idolized yourself in my heart.
103) Giving you my heart was fun and never a risk.
104) Show me a happy person, and u will show you your lover.
105) Am passionate about loving you at all times.
106) The last time I thought about you was now.
107) My heart knows no depression, because you are there.
108) Everything in me attributes to your love.
109) Our bond of love is what I greatly treasure.
110) Millions and crave and revere to our enviable companionship.
111) Your immense love and care has kept us going.
112) I cherish your promises, because I know you will keep them.
113) My love, you have a lot of good traits that I admire.
114) Am in love with you, I can’t even see your weakness.
115) Your likes are not common, you are my hero.
116) You are too relevant that I can’t pass a second without your thought.
117) As you go to bed, sleep like a baby, am your guardian Angel
118) No eyes have seen, no ear has heard the kind of feeling that I have for you.
119) Wisdom interprets wisdom, your heart alone complement mine.
120) You are my pride before my folks.
121) Our hearts are tied with the cord of passion.
122) No living being can understand me the way you do.
123) You are a part of me in another body.
124) The joy you have brought into my life is endless
125) If been with you is a crime, am always ready to commit one.
126) As the deer pants for water, so do I pant for your love.
127) You are a shield and natural garden for my heart.
128) I feel delighted because I am assured that my heart is with the right person.
129) Our love was borne out of intense passion and not conditions.
130) The reason I am still awake, is because I am thinking about you my angel.
131) the times we spent together remains evergreen in my heart.
132) My beloved in case you don’t know, your eyes are as soft as doves.
133) You are my bouquet of flowers in the garden of love.
134) It is lovely and pleasant , having you beside me.
135) It is as fair as the moon, my heart beat for you.
136) The wind blow upon the garden of my heart and send the fragrance to my dove.
137) My feelings towards you is as pure as the sun.
138) How sweet your mouth is, its words refreshes my heart.
139) You are so beautiful with everything in you.
140) My handsome, you have captured my heart, and it is yours.
141) With your pure love, you have ravished my heart.
142) Your Sweet romantic words melts my heart always.
143) My heart beat is to watch our love flourish daily.
144) The perfume of your sweet love is more fragrant than the choicest petals.
145) The words of your lips, are scented with the sweetest fragrance.
146) Your love is like a fountain refreshing as the dew of the morning.
147)Our feeling for each other, is utterly captivating
148) You are an Angel of rare beauty and glamour.
149) My love, I am ravished by the glance of your lovely eyes.
150) The winter may be gone, but our love can’t be over.
151) Let me see your smiling face, it gladdens my heart.. I love you.
152) Fishes fall in love with cool flowing river, so am with you
153) You are a sweet friend, I can’t live without your love
154) it’s time to celebrate my queen
155)You are my soul mate for real
156) I can’t have a better partner than you
157) I honor your lovely advice at all times
158) She remains my love and adviser
159) My heart beat always sing a love rhythm for you
160) Love sweet love with you
161)Your love is the beauty of my life
162) You make me go crazy baby
163)I am in love with the Angel of my dreams
164) Am forever in love with you
165) She puts a smile upon my face
166) I am addicted to loving you
167) Am enjoying my best days with you
168) Vigor may fleet, but our love gets tender and juicy
169) A thousand hours seems like a second when am with you
170) Time is a thief that can never steal our good moments
171) My joy is that I will live and die with you
172) I feel fresh whenever I rest in your arms
173) I have the best lover as a friend
174) Like a green grass, your love is the best dew that refreshes my heart
175) My heart is like a paper, whatever your voice writes on it stays
176) Your sweet heart sings the best love melodies to my heart
177) A thousand hearts can’t love me the way you do
178) We can’t stop celebrating romantic coexistence
179) For real, you have stolen my heart
180) Your romantic eyes are like the twin stars of heaven
181) Your smile covers my heart like a fresh cake icing
182) Just like a Russian apple, you look fresh and sweet
183) My heart enjoys tete-a-tete with yours
184) Your pointed nose, looks too charming to behold
185)The color of your hair complements your skin
186) You have really loved me more than I deserve
187) What an amazing prospect, getting to know that you love me
188) I appreciate the wonders of your awesome love
189) No human poetry can sing our kind of love song
190)Like an immeasurable variables, my love for you
191) Am endowed with limitless potential to always love you
192) Your unique style of love is forever appreciated
193) You are created to be beautiful and happy
194) The heaven belongs to God, my heart belongs to you
195) You are part of God’s plan for me
196) My heart, my soul, it all belongs to you
197) I will always prove my love as nature permits
198) My love, my future, my choice
199) Our love has been made to be before the world began
200) I desired a paradise, so I chose to love you
201) To love you is my primary nature
202) I have secured a fine future by just loving you
203) There’s something I will always do, that is to love you
204) Let my bosom be your pillow, come and relax
205) Your skin color is such a sweet one
206) Whenever we are together, my heart beats to the highest
207) My Angel looks sweet this morning
208) You are that name I will always remember and smile
209)I will rejoice, for your meek heart is mine
210) Your love has always promised me a sweet future
211)This kind of beauty can only be celestial
212) Thinking of living without you, is kind of an assumption
213) It is only a true love like ours that can stand the test of time
214) Your heart is a kingdom I prayed to see
215) You are all I sincerely delight to get
216) Your love is kind with so much to enjoy
217) It’s simple to fall in love, and your kind of heart to grow in love
218) Your tender skin is like that of a babe
219)You are my awesome glory
220) She is a lady after my own heart
221) The beauty of the lilies replicates your charming smile
222) I honor the king in you.
223) Am not afraid of distance, we are always together
224) I will never underestimate the value of our love
225) You have taken the whole of me
226) I feel like screaming…. I love you
227) The beautiful African lilies replicates your love
228) Like a precious stones, your love dazzles at all times
229) Your love purifies my heart as the fire and gold
230) Our love remains so magical
231) Your love is more expensive than the purest diamond
232) I will always love you because you taught me to love
233) You are a true and loyal friend
234) Your sweet love makes my heart merry always
235) The thought of your love makes my heart still at all times
236) Out of your heart flows streams of love
237) Loving you has brought me honor
238) Our hearts sticks closer always
239) I never missed my chance of falling in love with you
240)You are and will remain my best friend
241) You are the kind of friend everyone will like to have
242) A time with you is all refreshing
243) Like constant dripping, you are all I think about
244) I wish to be with you all the rest of my life
245)Your kindness attracted my heart
246) This kind of love is a divine heritage
247) I celebrate my heart for spotting yours
248) Your love worth more than a precious jewel
249) Am yet to understand why I love you this much
250) Nature placed us apart, but our love remains together
251) A moment with you brings out the best in me
252) I feel at my best when am with you
253) No kind of yardstick can measure our love
254) Thanks for always being there for me
256) You help me enjoy my life
257) This kind of love can only be found among angels
258) Nothing on earth can give me the joy you give me
259) Angels celebrate our love in style
260) The best way to prove my love is to love you more
261)Like the blade of a grass, our love grows without limits
262) Sadness left me the moment I met you
263) Your soft touch sends me to another world
264) Am happy that money can’t buy love, I would have missed you
265)What’s the value of your heart, I will pay with my soul
266) Your love takes me to the highest plain of emotional satisfactions
267) You are the prettiest lady on earth
268) Her beauty is like a shining light
269)Just like the morning sun, my heart feels the warmth of your love
270) I wish to tell my beloved, you love me right
271) I long for your warm embrace my darling
272) I want to hug you with the whole of my heart
273) It’s better to dwell on the mountain than to live without you
274) You were like a diamond, so hard to find…I cherish you
275) Our hearts were created the same day
276) I wish to live in the garden, all alone with you
277) Our hearts have been glued together with love
278) My love for you is skin deep , I can’t get over you
279) forget about your past I am here to wipe away you tears.
301) I miss those cool love atmosphere we spend in the garden.
302) I wish to be sealed in your heart with permanent affections.
303) Enjoy my loves as the bees enjoy the flowers.
304) The deepest sea cannot drown my love for you.
305) Listen to your heart right now, its singing my love rhythm.
306) Nothing can quench our love even distance.
307) Your charming eyes are like two doves, so lovely.
308) The fragrance of your love are like that of fresh apples.
309) As exciting as the best perfumes is your sweet embrace.
310) Your hair is a beautiful crown, I adore your beauty.
311) So captivating as the sun is your warm smiles.
312) Your lips are as fair as the moon.
313) No matter my countenance, your love makes me smile.
314) Am so jealous for you baby.
315) I can’t wait to set my eye on your lovely face this morning.
316) When I look at your nose, I see a lovely Egyptian pyramid.
317) Our love is like fountain, it never dries.
318) Let the queens of the earth gather, you are still the most beautiful.
319) My heart is filled with fresh joy for my love today.
320) The beauty of your legs radiates Royal glory.
321) Just like the perfumed lilies is your sweet words.
322) Can we get down to the valley of love oh my precious.
323) Your beauty is so rare, I can’t imagine it.
324) Am sick with love, only you has the cure.
325) So deep and quiet as the brook: my desire for you.
326) You taught me the language of pure emotions.
327) No one can take your place in my heart.
328) My joy in your love is calm like the fountain in the garden.
329) I feel refreshed with your love as fresh streams.
330) I have the best of what love can offer.
331) The choicest gold is ever shining, our love is ever fresh.
332) What a pleasant feeling to love the right person.
333) You are a precious jewel, you beautified my life.
334) Your love song is my meal forever.
335) Let the world end, lets move to our garden forever.
336) I can’t compare you to any human, you are unique.
337) Embrace my bosom, its my sweetest moment.
338) My heart sings “I need you my damsel”.
339) You are all that my heart can see, so lovely.
340) Forever loved, always cherished, my darling.
341) Drink from my love fountain, it’s for you.
342) The fresh water of your fountain satisfies my soul.
343) Am here for you, my angel, my spring.
344) I feel ever satisfied with you always.
345) Am smiling, am thinking about you.
346) I boast of your love before princes.
347) We are the best precious twins.
348) You are a goal among leaves, you are the best.
349) My honey comb, please come to me, I can’t have enough of you.
350) You brought light to my heart. Oh my sweet love.
351)At the dawn of each new day, I have always seen a new reason to love you the more.
352) Your love has brought so much joy to my heart.
353) Feel free to tell the world that I have given myself to you.
354) My feelings for you are real, its no ecstasy of romance.
355) This phase of my life is the sweetest because I am in love.
356) Since I met you, I have never had reason to be angry.
357) A beautiful flower can fade, but your smiling face always radiates.
358) The sun can’t melt a mountain, time can’t stop our love.
359) A fish can’t survive without water, I can’t do without you.
360) The love we enjoy is still a mystery to many.
361) Your kind of person can only be found in the heaven.
362) You put smiles on my face, I need you my love.
363) Passing a second without thinking about you is unusual to me.
364) The best vacation I can take is a nuptial flight with you.
365) Consider a peacock without feathers, that’s me without you.
366) Others fall in love, but we were created for each other.
367) I just smiled now, I remembered you love me.
368) I am the only one that knows how I feel loving you.
369) The eagle is for the sky, I am meant for you.
370) The sea is the fish best abode, your heart is the best place to be.
371) I just noticed that you are not here, because I always feel your presence.
372) Come fill my heart with your love.
373) The best perfume I can wear is the aura of your presence.
374) The fragrance of your love makes my heart lip for joy.
375) A moment with you is like having the world to myself.
376) Time flies with everything, but you remain my everything in all things.
377) Bae,am lost without your love.
378) We are best for each other, search your heart deep.
379) I don’t have any regret loving you, the feeling is priceless.
380) Through my excitement, the world will know that you are the one for me.
381) I am in love with you, what a joy.
382) There’s no better place for my heart outside yours.
383) Don’t think u are alone, we are always together
384) My heart is still, so pleasant because you are there for me.
385) Nothing can tempt me to leave you.
386) Your love has saved my soul from wrong friends.
387)My heart, your home, is a rhythm I sing always
838) The world is a nice place to be, cuz you made it so.
389) It is awesome, sitting beside you.
390) It is my pleasure to always watch my angel feel on top of the world.
391) Your sweet love is my inner calmness.
392) It is only your love that suit the still small voice of my heart.
393) When my heart is down, your love revives me.
394) Come and hold my hand, lets sail the street of love.
395) The world is yet to see our kind of love.
396) My heart is inspired by your love at all times.
397) As the sea breeze covers the coast, so does your love fill my heart.
398) Am totally lost in your love.
399) Your heart is a deep sea, I get drowned daily.
400) My dazzling beauty is a product of your love.
401) Your love made my day a fulfilling and fruitful one
402) The sweet words from your tongue refreshes my soul.
403) Our hearts is not for all, it is for us alone.
404) Am glowing because your love is radiating from inside out.
405) You have beautified my life with your love
406) My true nature and identity is found in your love.
407) The best choice I made for myself is accepting you.
408) Your personality is rightly positioned in my heart.
409) You have completely taken ownership of my heart
410) Walking in your love: A sweet pleasure.
411)I stand against all odds to defend our love
412) The world is a garden made for just the both of us.
413) It is a daily reality that our love is flourishing
414) Bae,can I tell u something, “U are so cute”
415) Your heart is so fertile, I sowed a seed of love, am reaping an unending love
416) I love you by default, that’s my person
417) I desire a moment with you at all times
418) Guess what I am thinking about now “it is you”
419) You were available when I needed a lover
420) Her heart is a fruitful vine, it nourishes mine
421)Anytime I think about you, I feel forever loved.
422) I feel forever joyful to have met with you
423) I wish to see more of the Queen in you, I cherish it a lot
424) Our love is my heart outmost dream
425) My greatest motivation is your love
426) A Queen should be loved, you are an angel that should be cherished.
427) Nothing is so dear to me as your love.
428) In the dawn of a new day, you are the first thing that came to my mind.
429) I can’t really figure out how I feel, but you made it so.
430) I can’t forget how you made me feel like a princess
431) Since I met you, my heart has found peace.
432) I never knew that love is real until I met you.
433) As the flood fill the coast, so does your love cover my heart.
434) Can I ever live without you, you are all I know.
435) The sweet pleasure of your love is my constant delight.
436) Your heart is like a fancy cake, I wish to lick the icing
437) Just like a juicy strawberry, your love is so sweet.
438) The dews are ever fresh, your love is ever fresh.
439) The loneliness of my heart can only be filled with your love.
440) Thinking of leaving you, is like my spirit leaving my body.
441) My heart is still, waiting for the whisper of your sweet words.
442) When no one cares, I know you are always there for me.
443) Can this be real, you are so lovely.
444) No you, no love, that’s how I feel right now.
445) It is now my habit, cant stop loving you.
446) No human has ever felt the way I feel about you.
447) To you my lover, receive my rhythm of pure emotions.
448) You are such a selfless being, my super hero.
449) This is a dream come through, falling in love with you.
450) I am so intoxicated with your love right now.

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