10 Ways to Stop Smoking

10 Easy ways to quit smoking in 4 weeks

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Smoking has been confirmed to be a deadly habit that if not properly handled can lead to untimely death…Millions of smokers have died across the globe due to non adherence to health tips as it regards smoking and its effects..

The fact is that,one can easily quit smoking, not minding the years of addiction so far as the will power is there…

How then do you stop this deadly act..

1) Decide to stop

There’s no better way to stop smoking than deciding to stop smoking..

It must be a deliberate decision consciously taken to avert death,so one must first of all decide in himself/herself that he/she is ready to change, that’s the first to take…

2) Start with throwing away one stick per time

This strategy does wonders,how does it work: For the fact that you want to stop does not guarantee that you will quit the act with ease, in this case,whenever you buy a pack of cigarette, throw away one stick from it,the next time,throw away two sticks,three..continuously in that order,you will get to find out that you just threw away a pack that you just bought.

3) Try something else

This strategy entails that you replace the act with another form of feeding habit..

It may just be that whenever you feel like smoking,you start chewing gums,gradually such act will keep distracting you until you are free at last..

4) Stay away from triggers

Triggers in this case connotes who and what encourages you to smoke,gradually start moving away from such scenes,it may be friends,it may be emotional reactions, get to know your triggers and stay away from all…

5) Enjoy other relaxation techniques

Apart from the ones you eat,it’s also advised that you keep yourself busy with some other relaxation techniques like cooking,playing ludo,Scrabble and the likes.

6) Eat right

Learn to eat right,what goes into your system in this case..

Start developing appetite for fruits as the case may be.. The way you always feel like smoking, start teaching yourself how to take fruits..

7) Then save money

One of the easiest way to encourage yourself is to always save some part of the cash you wanted to use in buying cigarette, doing that for some while will encourage you when you see what you’ve saved that you didn’t spend on smoking..

8) Get Busy

At times, busy schedule helps.

Don’t just sit idle always..

Always having your hand on something can make you forget that you’ve not smoked or in most cases will cause to postpone smoking..

9) Don’t try to tempt yourself

Yes,you are improving on your new habit, but be warned,don’t tempt yourself by hanging out or clubbing with the boys when you are just recuperating..

Stay away from such scenes until smoking starts irritating you..

10) Help a neighbour

Now that it’s working for you,start encouraging a friend to follow suit..

At this point, you are more or less an encourager to the second  party and to yourself.. If actually you weren’t born a smoker,you can stop that you once started sometimes in the past..just see how you can apply the strategies I shared with you above

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